Streets of Gold Team update!

In case you've been wondering where your weekly dose of golden goodness has been (sorry 'bout that ya'll) here is a little update into what has been going on with us in the last few months! 


Life is NUTS guys.

I just finished up school for aesthetics and am looking into setting up shop (as soon as I take my written and practical exams) and pampering every face I can get my *relaxing* hands on.  

My husband and I (and a crew of our amazing friends) moved even closer to my childhood home in January, which I didn't think was possible. Now when I want to see my family, I can drive for about 1 minute instead of 5. Even better that I pass Erika's house on the way ;) 

In Feburary, I set up shop (makeup and microblading, aesthetics to come!) in Salon Tryst Bellingham. The home to some absolutely amazing and supportive ladies who have already taught me so much about community over competition and how a business should be run. It's nice to have a home base so everyone can come visit me rather than driving all over the county!  



I am learning pretty quickly that life never slows down! (Seriously never!)

Chris and I are settling into married life, I can't believe its been almost 8 months already! God has seriously blessed me with that man and all of his family!

It must be that moving time of year, because we are also moving to a new place in the beginning of June. For those of you who don't know, we are currently residing in a camping trailer, so I am beyond excited and ready for this move! House décor (specifically you Hobby Lobby) here I come!!

As much as I love keeping busy I've decided its time to slow down just a tad! So I am giving up my waitress job at Fairway Café so I can spend more time with my cute nieces, blogging, and doing you gorgeous people's hair!

There is just something about having summer right around the corner, with longer days, vacations, and my personal favorite, wedding season! I can't wait!!

Much love, 
The ever glamorous blogging duo, the Streets of Gold team,

Elizabeth & Erika

In case you were wondering what real life look like at the moment, here ya go. Woods caffeinated, shower fresh hair, makeup free faces, and big smiles. Loving life!