An Un-Insta Worthy Christmas

As I sit all cuddled up on my couch, A Christmas Prince playing in the background, our little baby tree filled with ornaments that shed gold glitter everywhere, it's even snowing (!), I am struck by how idealistic this scene is. We look forward to the Christmas season all year long, and before we know it, it's here and all we can think about are the pretty hot cocoa photos we have to post or how our OOTD better be on point. I unashamedly love and adore pretty things, I love glitter and marble, millennial pink and lattes, obviously makeup is in there too! 

But if we're being transparent, our Christmas this year will not be exactly Instagram worthy. My husband and I are blessed to have large families all in the area, so after waking up early to finish whatever cooking needs to be done, we will go to church, then head out to various get togethers. These are always filled with hugs, so many blonde toddlers running underfoot, singing and devotions before we eat all the glorious comfort food, and lots of coffee while we catch up with family members. There will be folding tables everywhere, chairs lined up against the wall and piles of shoes and coats at the door. I don't believe if I posted a photo it would get too many likes, and that's okay. 

How can you capture that feeling? How many times can you #blessed? 

Erika and I make a point not to talk politics here, we created Streets of Gold as a fun, encouraging space, where we can inspire, and more often than not, be inspired by those we come in contact with. However, when it comes to our faith there are times when we just can't leave it out! It's woven into the very fiber of our being! Naturally Christmas is one of those times! The absolute joy that comes from knowing our Savior left the awe inspiring, PERFECT presence of His Father to become human is hard to comprehend. That He lived among us and (STILL) sacrificed Himself for us is straight up mind blowing. 

I personally am so thankful, that our Lord doesn’t just look at my Insta feed.

We work so hard to curate this beautiful image of our lives, often getting sucked into the social media game. Especially in the creative industry, our greatest strengths (making pretty things) becomes our greatest weakness. I personally am so thankful our Lord doesn't just look at my Insta feed. He can look straight into my doubts and insecurities and just hold me. He knows there is more to the story, He knows I am nowhere near ever being deserving of my salvation, but He gives it generously. 

This Christmas I am thankful for so many incredible things, but most importantly I am grateful it's not possible for me to curate what God can see. I will never have to worry about meeting Him one day and seeing the disappointment when I am not perfect, He already knows. I am thankful no matter how messy my life can be, no matter how many times I fail, He will not reject me. 

In the midst of this amazing, yet sometimes hectic season, it is our prayer that you will be able to feel that redeeming love wrap around you. we wish you and your loved ones, a very un-Insta worthy Christmas! 

Thanks to our cousin Jenna for grabbing a couple photos last night at our Cousin Christmas Party! A perfectly blurry, grainy, absolutely joyous Christmas photo!

Thanks to our cousin Jenna for grabbing a couple photos last night at our Cousin Christmas Party! A perfectly blurry, grainy, absolutely joyous Christmas photo!