Our First Home!

My husband and I bought a house! Yay!

That whole home buying thing is a trip, lemme tell ya. 

BUT. With the stress of buying a home comes a little home decor fun! I was especially excited to pull together the perfect home office that would meet all my needs but also be an inspiring place to work. Much of this blog is conceived right here after all! Here are a few of my goals for this space! 

1. Connected. I wanted to still be a part of the house, to be able to talk with my husband while he winds down from work (aka plays rocket leauge) while I get things done like a boss. 

2. Functionality. If it's not easy for me to get things done, I will procrastinate as much as I possibly can! Everything I need in this space is within arms reach of my cozy little couch/chair and I love it! 

3. It's PRETTY. Personal photos, marketing books, my little air plant, copper letter trays... all of these things make this space an overall enjoyable place to create. And it's not bad for Instagram either ;) One of my favorite pieces in this space is my new map of our beautiful Bellingham! I mean, it's litterally, streets. in GOLD. So perfect. 

If you would like your own map art click HERE

In all transparency, we do get a small percentage of the sales, but we would never recommend something we weren't happy with! The map came well packaged and is printed on beautiful thick paper, so if it's your style just hit the link!

They also do some super cool mountain ski maps (SO pnw), any city or country, and it's all customizable! (hence the gold ;) ) Definitely gonna pick me up a few more of those! 

I'm a little hesitant to put anything on those lower shelves because I think it may be too much temptation for my 1 year old niece, Penny. What do you think I should put in there? I would love to hear your ideas!