Bellingham Microblading: Step by step, what it feels like!

I (Elizabeth) have been very blessed to have such amazing friends and clients who are willing to let me practice something as scary as microblading on their faces with absolutely no hesitation! This is a testimonial written by my cousin and very first microblading client, Marlies. If you want to know EXACTLY what goes down from the point of view of the client, here you go! Since then, I have perfected the process by upgrading my pigments and blades, as well as adding a 2nd numbing process to make it even more comfortable! Those things and LOTS of practice! Instead of doodles on my class notes, I have pages of pretty colored eyebrow hair pattern sketches!  

These are Marlies' brows from bottom to top, naked brow, healed after one session, and immediately after the touch up. 

What Does Microblading Feel Like? What is Microblading?

by Marlies Elaine

In October I had my first Microblading appointment! It was while Elizabeth was still learning -- in fact, I got to accompany her to her class, and I was the first person she ever did the procedure on. In her class, she learned a lot about eyebrow hair patterns, ideal shapes for different faces, and practiced with the blade on a skin-like surface, and I knew she was eager to finally get to put it all into practice. I guess we were both a little nervous, but I would trust her to do anything with my skin/hair/face, because I grew up as her guinea pig and partner-in-crime with all kinds of beauty endeavors. I also trust her because of the quality and consistency proved by her successful and growing and expanding beauty business.

The experience was really intriguing to me! I probably sounded like a toddler the whole time, because she would tell me what she was about to do, and I kept asking "Why? Why? But why?" She mapped out my eyebrows, which is no easy feat. One of my eyes is larger than the other, and the eyebrow above it is subsequently higher than the other. This mapping is a step where she carefully measures and plans how much to adjust so that it still looks like me (really natural) while also creating more symmetry and structure for my face.

After that, she color-matches to your hair. She usually has to blend a few colors to get the right one for each person's eyebrows. This is where her years of Makeup and Airbrushing experience really come in handy. She has done it time and time again, and it is second nature to her. You can request a darker color, lighter color, whatever you want for your eyebrows. I started with a lighter color for the first appointment, but then wanted darker for my second appointment, because I like having my eyebrows slightly darker than my hair.

The next step is the fun (or not so fun) part! Breaking skin. She pokes the skin with the blade and applies an anaesthetic to numb the area. After that, she will start to draw in the hairs. It's fairly uncomfortable (kind of like short cat scratches) and it really depends on your pain tolerance. Honestly, it doesn't last long, so even if it is particularly uncomfortable for you, it is over really quickly, and you have SO much benefit from it.

She goes over each line twice, to insure clarity. After, she lays more ink over the whole surface to make sure those little lines soak in as much color as possible!

The big reveal is my favorite part. She wiped away the coat of ink, and for the first time, I saw eyebrows I had only dreamed of before.

No more overdrawn eyebrows from an early-morning makeup application rush. No more smudged eyebrow mascara because of unexpected rain (*cough*Washington*cough*). No more worrying about how your eyebrow pencil will last after a sweaty workout at the gym. You wake up, and look in the mirror and channel Beyonce circa 2013 because those eyebrows are FLAWLESS. You LITERALLY woke up like this.

What Does Microblading Feel Like? What is Microblading?

No matter the cause of eyebrow discontentment, this procedure can help. Patchy eyebrows from over-plucking? Don't like the shape it grows in as? Unusual scar? Gradual loss of eyebrow hair? Microblading is perfect.