Beauty School Adventures

The beginning on November brought a new adventure for me and this little business of mine, beauty school!



Aesthetics to be exact. I get to learn all about skin and pores and follicles and cells and pathogens and (breathe) it’s all amazing! Sometimes gross, but mostly amazing.

If you know me personally, you know I do not like new things. Big new things with lots of brand spanking new people that I get to spend the next 6 months with is downright terrifying. I’m pretty sure I woke up every 5 minutes the night before because I couldn’t stop my brain from running through every possible nightmare that was just BOUND to happen the next day. Heaven forbid I have to get up and talk in front of my classmates. My husband had to lovingly reassure me several times, but I think he secretly thought it was hilarious. Here are a few things I have learned so far!



I never thought I would be a person who enjoyed causing another person’s pain, but guys. Ripping hair from it’s follicles (aka waxing)  is SO FUN.

Waxing people’s nostrils is especially fun, but my husband still won’t let me do it. Baby.

Since we have started pretty much everyone in my class has changed their hair color. At least once.



Just because our teacher wears sky high heels every day does not mean I have the toughness for it.

Learning about makeup after doing makeup for a few years was actually really fun, like a recharge for my creativity!

Do you know what a Zombie Killer is? I didn’t either, but my teacher drinks them so I asked. Red Bull with a 5 Hour Energy mixed in. I just had a heart attack thinking about it.



I officially feel like I know all the girls in my class quite well, because in week two everyone had to take their eyebrows off. #relationshipgoals

I wasn’t sure how I would feel about being in school again, but turns out, when you love something this much it turns you into a nerd real quick.

This has given me the opportunity to see clients I may have never seen again! Thank you so much to the wonderful ladies who have blessed me with their presence! You’re the best!



Even though I spend 10 hours in class and an additional 3 hours on the road driving to and from Everett, I am still excited to go to class every day.