Bellingham Microblading: FAQ

MICROBLADING. My new love. There is some sort of high that comes from completely reconstructing a brow and watching the look on my clients faces when they realize years of over plucking can be undone. 


But first, a word of warning! If we're being honest, it's not hard to obtain the legal operating licences for this process. I was actually a little shocked at how easy it was. You are tattooing someone's face! Beware of those artists who are looking to make a quick buck and will offer discounted rates, but don't take the time to invest in training or practice. You DO get what you pay for. Look for someone who loves the process, someone who is legal, uses sterile equipment, and understands that brows are not (and should never be) cookie cutter. 

Microblading is the hottest new trend for some completely understandable reasons. Who wouldn't want to magically roll out of bed with perfectly full, symmetrical, on point brows?? Loose all the brow products that may or may not work, and save yourself some serious time in the morning. If you are considering Microblading in general you'll want to read this to gather a little info!

What is Microblading exactly?

A manual tattooing process that is considered semi-permanent. Also known as eyebrow embroidery.

Microblading Frequently Asked Questions. What is Microblading?

Who is a great candidate for Microblading?

People suffering from alopecia, trigonometrical or any other condition that causes hair loss benefit greatly, as well as people who simply aren’t happy with their eyebrows.

Recognize those pretty eyes? 

Of course Erika was one of my first models, we just did a little thickening and made them a little more dense! 

How is Microblading different from a traditional tattoo?

This manual method of tattooing deposits pigment into the epidermis using a very fine blade. Because it is much shallower than the average tattoo, the results are a very fine “hair” with no “spilling” under the surface. There should be no differentiation from your natural brows and the new “hairs”.  

How long will it last?

Microblading will last for 1-3 years as it will fade as your skin regularly regenerates and will need to be redone eventually. This is actually a GOOD thing, because your face naturally shifts as you age and your brows will need to be adjusted to flatter your face.

Microblading Frequently Asked Questions. What is Microblading?

Does it hurt?

It varies from person to person. I use two separate numbing processes to ensure the most comfort possible without compromising the integrity of the pigment.

How do you choose the Color?

I always choose a color based on your skin tone and hair color, something to match your natural brows. As it heals, the color will fade significantly so we usually go a little darker than desired at the initial appointment. 

How do you choose the shape? 

Shape should be based on what your heritage is, what fits the angles of your face, and your personal preference. I always carefully measure (and measure again!) a shape, then confirm with my client to see how they feel about it. We then adjust, confirm, and proceed. 


May I skip the touch up appointment?

Nope. Touch up appointments are vital to ensure everything has healed correctly and there are no places we need to fill in or color that needs to be adjusted. Touch up appointments are mandatory. Plus, then I get to see your beautiful face again! 


HOW MUCH? 'cause I know that question is just burning in your head. 

$450! This includes the initail process, a touch up appointment, and an after care kit!