Winter Beauty Tips (with DIY Illuminating BB Cream)

Washington winters mean sparkling frost on the ground and our infamous North East wind! As soon as you step outside you can feel the air sucking the moisture out of your skin and lips. Chap stick soon finds a home in every jacket pocket and your collection of lotion bottles shrinks a little as you slather on all kinds of fragrant goodness.

Winter Skincare Beauty Tips

Is it just me? Do cold wintry days make it just a little bit harder to leave your cozy bed? Try these tips for a quick 5 minute, fresh faced glow that will hold it's own against the wind!

1. My favorite go-to winter concoction consists of three things. My favorite foundation (Makeup Forever HD), facial lotion, and a NYX highlighter! Mix these three together on a palette (or the back of your hand) to make your own BB cream! Mixing your own allows you to customize your coverage, color, and moisture content for your exact skin type!

Winter Skincare Beauty Tips

2. Use your ring finger to apply your favorite eye shadow shade. By tapping the color onto your lid the result is much softer and more natural. A little goes a long way with this technique, so be sparing! 

3. Try either a tinted lip balm (Burt's Bee's has some great shades) or make your own by combining a lip balm with your signature lipstick! If you tend to go for lip stains, apply the lip balm at the beginning of your routine to allow it to sink in. Then remove any excess with your finger and apply the stain to your beautifully moisturized lips! Lip balm makes it difficult for stains to stay where they're supposed to be. Next thing you know, your lip color is no longer in that perfect shape you worked so hard on!

Winter Beauty Tips

These tips paired with a swipe of blush, a natural brow and a couple coats of mascara are a great way to ensure your skin has what it needs to battle the cold and look great while doing it! 

Give it a go! Let us know what you think in the comment section below!
~Elizabeth Marie