"Be Mine" Eye Shadow Tutorial

I love this look! Romantic and soft, a natural vibe with a little smokiness for fun, this eye shadow look is perfect for a date night with your love or a night out with the girls!


Step by Step!

Start by applying a light, even layer of white eye shadow primer all over your lid.

Then generously pat a white or cream shadow over the whole lid, to cover the primer.

With the dark brown (maroon is pretty too) color and a smaller detail brush, trace a small sideways "V" connecting the outer half of your crease line to the corner of your eye, then to your lash line.

Blend the dark color to soften the lines, add a medium gold color over just the center of your lid if desired.

Add a soft shadow liner to the roots of your lashes.

For below the eye, gently line the inner 3/4th's of the eye with the lighter shade, and then apply the darker color to the remaining 1/4, blending in further towards the center as you like.

This look can be altered to suit however you feel looks best on you. By making the outer corners darker and more intense you can achieve more of a cut crease smokey look. If you prefer to keep it light, your crease color should only be visible when your eyes are closed. This adds a little fun when you look down, but it's mainly for a subtle dimension when your eyes are open.

Try it! Comment below with any questions, and let us know how it turned out!