Makeup for Green Eyes: Nighttime

Honestly, I'm just glad we get a chance to see these beautiful green eyes again! Part 2 is here, and you only need 3 simple steps to bring this beautiful daytime look into the night! If you missed the original tutorial, you can find it by clicking HERE

Step 1

Building upon the daytime look, take a deep chocolate color and blend into the crease making a ">" shape. Connect the root of your lashes to the outside corner, then to your crease. Go as intense as you like! 

Step 2

Take a slightly darker color, in this case a deep maroon toned brown, and make the crease a little darker by making a smaller ">" shape.

Step 3

Use the original lid shade to blend the edges, just as you used the white shade in the day time look. 

Add some lashes and BAM. Ready to go.

Green Eyes Makeup Tutorial

No matter how you choose to play with your makeup, eyes are always a great place to start! Just remember to be yourself, push yourself once and a while, but don't get lost. :) 

much love,