New Years Eve Eyeshadow: Featuring Inglot Cosmetics

No, I did not plan to use all Inglot products for this look, and we are definitely not famous enough to have Inglot sponsor a post (not that I would mind at all...just saying.). However, this look came together beautifully, and I really do love these products. The AMC Liner Gels specifically are staples in my bridal kit. 

New Years Eve Makeup Tutorial

You will need! 

AMC Liner Gel (#90)
AMC Pure Pigment Shadow (#71)

(These first two can be any colors, but they should coordinate with each other based on the look you want.)

AMC Liner Gel in Black (#77)
Matte Smokey Taupe (#378)

New Years Eve Makeup Tutorial

Step 1

Apply an even layer of the gel liner all over your lid, stopping just at the crease line. You'll have to work quickly for this one, if it dries it ain't going anywhere. 

New Years Eve Makeup Tutorial

The trick here is to apply the gel liner foundation symmetrically, so the textures match!

New Years Eve Makeup Tutorial

Step 2

Gently tap the loose pigment over the liner you just placed on your lid. This is a look where you'll definitely want to do your eyes first, clean up the mess, and do everything else. The fallout struggle is real, but once it's settled the pigment stays well!

New Years Eve Makeup Tutorial
New Years Eve Makeup Tutorial

Step 3

Smoke out the crease edge (where the liner/shadow stop) to soften any lines and add some depth.

New Years Eve Makeup Tutorial

Side Note!

I honestly have never been that person who swore by her brushes, I always thought it was all about the skill. Which is true, but dang this brush is the BOMB. Sable hair brushes ladies and gentlemen, practically does the work for you! 

New Years Eve Makeup Tutorial

Step 4. Finishing touches!

Black gel wings on top, a smudgy taupe shadow underneath, some lashes, and you are finished! With the eyes! But with eyes like this you can be lazy with everything else, so you're practically done anyway. 

Thank you to... 

Brianne Bell Photography for putting up with us and producing these pretty photos with absolutely NO natural light. Every photographers dream, I know. 

Coastal Muse's very own Heidi for modeling for me!

Heidi's equally awesome blogging partner Brooklyn for opening her home to us and organizing/styling EVERYTHING. 

Erika for rocking the hair! Obviously. 

Ya'll the best ladies!