Makeup for Green Eyes: Daytime

One of my favorite parts of doing makeup as a profession is the many different eye colors I get to play with. I honestly had a few ideas of what to shoot for this tutorial session, but all "planning" went out the window as soon as I saw Kali's beautiful green eyes. Always follow the inspiration! Especially when you haven't had time to really think about what you want to do ;) We ended up doing a daytime AND a evening look with Kali because we were having too much fun! Stay tuned for part two!

Green Eyes Makeup Tutorial

Makeup for Green Eyes: Daytime 

You will need....
1. Eye shadow brush
2. Eye liner brush
3. Any warm toned copper/orange/goldenrod color in matte
4. Similar color as above but with shimmer
5. A white color to blend with, shimmer or matte, take your pick.  

Little crash course in color theory. If you want to hide something you surround it with the same colors/tones, but if you want to make something stand out you surround it with a contrasting color! It's also good to keep in minds warm tones contrast cool tones, so colors like the ones we used in this tutorial are DYNAMITE for green eyes, but also great for blue eyes! Always go for the contrasting colors/tones! I remember buying these little eye shadow compacts for blue eyes when I was *much* younger and they had blue eye shadow in them. So naturally I thought blue eyes = blue eye shadow! How very wrong I was... shame on me.!  

Step 1. 
As always, give the eye shadow something to stick to! If you have an eye shadow primer, great, but I just used my good ol' concealer for this.


Step 2.
Pat the matte color ALL OVER the lid. None of this sectioning stuff, just go for it. 


Step 3.  
Blend the edges of the color with the white to soften the edges. 


Step 4. 
Tap the shimmer color over just the lid to add a little light reflection fun stuff. 


Step 5. 
Using your liner brush, line your lower lash line with the shimmer color, from the very inside corner to the outside. 


Add some mascara and lips and you are set! This is a super quick look for when you're running out the door, but at the same time will guarantee compliments about your eyes, not your eye shadow ;) 

Green Eyes Makeup Tutorial
Green Eyes Makeup Tutorial
Green Eyes Makeup Tutorial
Green Eyes Makeup Tutorial