Makeup Tutorial: How to Highlight Like a Pro

Okay let's see a show of hands. Who thought the makeover in What Not to Wear was the absolute best part? Obviously. 

That's where I first learned about highlighting! I would watch Carmindy tap a little highlight here and there and think "I could totally do that without getting caught." And hence, my love of glowing (but natural) makeup was born! 

Ailia was very gracious to come out to our little make shift studio (in my back yard!) to sit for me, and she's GORGEOUS. Thank you Ailia for being to patient with us and for being down for anything, you're a dream to work with!

How to Highlight like a PRO. 

For this tutorial you will need... 

1. A highlighter. This is actually a champagne eye shadow from Ben Nye, I've tried others but I just keep coming back to this one! 

2. A fluffy brush. Depending on how luminous you would like to be a typical eye shadow brush works great, or you could go for a small foundation or blush brush. Who doesn't want to glow like a unicorn in the moonlight?? 

That's it! 

(The Ben Nye Products are mostly pro only, but here are some great alternatives for getting your glow on!) 

Step 1
After applying your desired amount of foundation and blush, sweep the highlighter gently on top of your cheekbones.


Step 2
Next tap a little directly underneath the outer half of your eyebrows and a little in the very inner corner of your eyes, almost in the tear ducts!


Step 3
Without dipping the brush again, sweep the left over highlight lightly over the bridge of your nose. I like to keep this area pretty light so it's a little more natural, but if you like more go for it!


Step 4
Tap a little in the bow of your upper lip. I love this one because it magically gives me a little extra pucker! 

Shine on you beautiful people!