Viseart Palette Tutorial: Espresso Smokey Eyes

As artists, we are often inspired by the things we love in our everyday life. If you have been following our blogging journey, you will know one thing we have an unhealthy obsession with is coffee. Yup. Shocker. Therefore, it was honestly only a matter of time before a coffee inspired makeup look made it's way into our lives. I'm sure it won't be the last! 

Let's get started! 

You will need...
1. Concealer, in a slightly darker shade than your natural tone.
2. A palette with 3 shades of brown, for this tutorial I will be using Nuetral Matte 01 from Viseart. This palette is definitely in the pro price range, but so worth it! BUTTER. They blend like BUTTER.

Brushes used...
Bdellium 763 Angled Brow
Bdellium 780 Pencil
Bdellium 785S Tapered Blending
Bdellium 948 Foundation

Step 1

Apply a thin, even layer of concealer to your lid to act as a primer and give the shadow something to stick to. I used the Bdellium 948 foundation brush for this step.

Step 2

Gently press the lightest milky affogato color over the entire lid using the 785S brush. 

Step 3

Using the same brush, pick up the creamy middle café breve color and blend into the lower half of the lid, and a little into the crease to enhance the shape of the eye. 

Step 4

Using the 780 brush, smudge that beautiful deep chocolate espresso into the roots of your lashes and under your lower lash line. Remember, blending is your bestest buddy here! Then take the 763 and line with the same color to make it just a little more intense. By using a smaller brush, you will get a more concentrated color!

Step 5

Use your golden creme color and blend out the edges to soften any harsh lines. The colors should flow effortlessly from one to another!

Finish off with some mascara and you are done! Ta Da!

Try it and let us know what you think! 

Hugs and coffees!