Bellingham Beauty Blog | The Streets of Gold

Welcome to Streets of Gold! We can't believe this is actually happening, because honestly just the idea of starting such a creative project has always been intimidating. With much encouragement from the Bellingham/Lynden community, we have decided to slip into our #BossLady stilettos (or slippers, don't judge) and create a place where you gorgeous people can come to learn, create, and be inspired. And we are pretty dang stoked about it! 

We wanted a celebration feel to this shoot, so obviously we got in contact with Shop Spruce in Bellingham for these gorgeous balloons! click the photo to check out their website! 

We will be posting every Friday until we feel confidant enough to pick up another day (or two, or six). So kick off your weekend with a proper #Friyay and come on back for some fashionable inspirations and tutorials to try over the weekend!

Though the two of us had kinda met through the Whatcom County wedding circuit, we didn't start regularly working together until the past year. You could say we clicked ;) Something magical happens when two people are dedicated to what they love, and we want to share that! So with further ado, please allow us to introduce ourselves... 

My name is Elizabeth, I am the makeup artist half of this crazy duo!


I love pretty things, my hubby, coffee, the Pacific Northwest, cheese, and my Savior. Not necessarily in that order! I have been known to use smiley faces in place of periods and use exclamation points enough to make a reader think I am constantly sipping a red bull. I'm generally a pretty quiet person, but I will always talk about what I love! Looking forward to this new adventure and looking forward to learning all kinds of new things!


Hi Everyone! I'm Erika, the hair portion of the blog.

To start my intro, I will tell you that I was once told that I smile to much! (If that is such a thing!) I am passionate about my Savior, my family, coffee and my fluffy bear Kona (ok, she's a dog, but she looks like a polar bear!) I drink an insane amount of coffee, which is probably why Liz's and I's meetings always happen to be at coffee shops! I am so incredibly blessed to be able to have a job that I love to do, as well as get to be creative with; coming up with new ideas and doing something I never dreamed I would be doing, this blog! 

Now enough about us, let's talk about a true #BossLady. I (Elizabeth) met Becca of B. Jones Photography on her wedding day, where she told me her favorite color was "sparkle". Since then she has become an incredibly in demand photographer in the Seattle area, known for her love of seaside and nautical weddings. When it came time to have head shots done for this new venture, we knew the a golden theme with glitter would be right up her alley. If we're being honest, we just wanted to get in front of her camera! She knows how to make a lady look goooood! 

For our hair and makeup looks we wanted to stay true to ourselves, with a little extra flair. Elizabeth had just gotten a new Viseart shadow palette, so the makeup tended to revolve around that. Erika stuck to curls for both, but threw in some cool geometric bobby pin action. In gold of course!