Lynden Fashion Shoot: Rockin' Ballet Babe

This look was originally created in response to an Instagram challenge. When Leah of Lj Shepherd Photography asks if you want to do a shoot mixing edgy rock with ballet you don't question her. Then when you hear she has a super sweet, adorable ballerina (cough, Callie, cough) to model for us, you start to get EXCITED. Then this happens...


Yup. She killed it.

The Face.

In prepping Callie for this look I asked if she was ready for some drama. It was then I learned that this girl is game for anything, so we went for it! I had just gotten my Viseart Neutrals palette and was dying to try it, so we played around and ended up with a smokey neutral eye look complete with a set of Red Cherry Lashes. Perfecting her skin with the Temptu airbrush system, all we had left were the lips! I have this palette of obnoxiously bright (in a good way) colors from Inglot, so I mixed a purple shade with a blue and created this pastel periwinkle shade. Fun fact, this pastel lip shade was featured on the runways for Paris fashion week about a month later! No, I'm not that good, but it did make my day!



The Hair.

When we first talked about this shoot, we knew we wanted to do a ponytail, but a ponytail with some serious rocker vibes to it! (Rocker Ballet Babe and all) This is where the braids came into play! Tight side braids are a great way to give you the edgy shaved side look without having to actually shave your hair off! I did two tight dutch braids on either side and left some serious volume in the middle. I hide the ponytail band by wrapping a section of her hair around and pinning it in place with bobby pins. Now, to say that Callie had a lot of hair would be an understatement. This Lynden girl is blessed with a headful of hair, so getting some volume out of it wasn't super difficult. Using my Kenra 25 volume spray, I teased and hair sprayed small sections until we had a very voluminous ponytail.