Bellingham Fashion Shoot: Downtown Sydney

Sydney is modeling a little preview of what's to come on Streets of Gold in the next couple weeks! We will be showing a "braided bump" tutorial as well as winged eyeliner tutorial. The tutorials were shot on one of our busiest days, a day where we had a tutorial shoot, a styled bridal shoot, and head shots! (If you missed the head shots in our premier post you can find them here.) 

Sydney's face is so much fun from a makeup artist's perspective. She has beautiful freckles, the perfect eyes for winged liner, a down turned pout, and those cheek bones! It's okay, scroll back up and look at her facial structure. Crazy right? It's hard to hold back when playing with her looks, but honestly a clean, simple look like this one is just as beautiful, maybe even more so!


For the hair in this tutorial, I wanted to do my version of something I've been seeing around a lot... the braided bump. Sydney had a crazy amount of hair, so a thick braid was absolutely no problem, but putting it in a ponytail was a bit of a struggle and required 3 ponytail holders! I do love the way this look puts a twist on a everyday ponytail.


Leah of Lj Shepherd Photography in was gracious enough to meet Sydney (post hair and makeup) in downtown Bellingham for this quick urban shoot. In the rush of everything else going on, we were banking on our talented team just doin' their thing! We didn't even tell Sydney what to wear! She just showed up like this, at 7:00 in the morning I might add! 

In a day and age where everything seems so competitive, we are incredibly thankful to have such amazing women surrounding and supporting us as we begin this adventure! And so much talent!!