Bellingham Fashion Shoot: On the Fly Magic

Bellingham Fashion Shoot: On the Fly Magic

This shoot was a last minute, create on the fly, work of genius! When a change of plans leaves you without a photographer or a concept, sometimes things fall apart. However, sometimes you get pure magic. HUGE thank you to Molly for being our fairy godmother and working her photography powers to create these results on a last minute, rainy, Bellingham day!



The Face

First off, Taylor’s face is just inspiring all on it’s own. But recently I have really been inspired by the 90’s inspired grunge trends that have come to life in our little PNW town. For her beautiful baby blues, I used a Maybelline color tattoo in the suede texture for an base. Then worked with browns and copper shades to accentuate the shape of her eye a little more. All the while staying away from any harsh lines or color contrasts and going for a smokey/smudgey look. I actually used a basic black eyeliner from NYX to line and completely fill in her lips, then polished it off with a deep plum lipstick to add a little depth to the flat black color. Keeping the foundation and blush light and matte with my TEMPTU airbrush system and a translucent powder, we finished of the look with just a couple individual lashes on the outer corners of her eye to a little extra fun. That’s right, most of those lashes are her’s naturally. #blessed. 



The Hair

This shoot just sort of fell into our laps on a rainy Saturday! It is amazing what our creative minds come up with when we give ourselves a theme and just go with it. The baseline theme for this shoot was 90's grunge, which I wanted to modernize a bit, so  I added the most popular hair trend at the moment, braids! I started by using an 1 1/4" curling iron to curl large sections and then pinned and let them set. Before I braided the hair I teased it slightly to give the base good volume. I proceeded to braid to fishtails on either side of her part and pancaked them *(Pancaking is a hair term meaning to pull on loops to give the braid a larger/thicker appearance.) The look was finished off by pinning the braids into a half up and more teasing (obviously ;) ) and lots of Kenra 25 Volumizing hairspray to hold everything into place. Taylor absolutely rocked this look for us, and yes... all that hair is hers too!


We get a lot of rainy Saturdays here in the northwestern corner of Washington. Hopefully some of them turn out to be as productive as this day was! We had a blast working with our #dreamteam. Molly, thank you so much for being ready to produce magic on the fly and Taylor for being so fashionable we hardly did any work! On a different note, I am interested if any of our amazing readers out there would be interest in video tutorials on this look? Let us know in the comments below! Until next time! :)


Elizabeth & Erika

Streets of Gold Team