Lynden Fashion Shoot: 90's Hipster

It's a double dose of Taylor! *applause* We love working with Taylor, so when we found Lina of Take a Shot Photography had asked her to model in this Lynden shoot (one we had already planned) we were thrilled! This look covers the edgy-ness of the 90's yet at the same time lets her natural beauty shine through, and we are in love! Thank you Lina for the amazing photos! It's so hard to choose! 

The Face
      Honestly, I was just glad to be able to do some simple makeup on this lady's beautiful face! It seems every other time we have worked together we have gone for a much more creative and dramatic style. Taylor pulls anything off beautifully, but something like this directs the focus to her beauty and less to my makeup skills. If we're being honest this is what it's all about for me! For her eyes I stuck to my trusty Viseart pallet, with a matte peach tone all over lid and a touch of definition just in the crease. Keeping everything else clean and minimal, I couldn't help myself from having a little fun with this matte lip color from ColourPop called Lyin' King. One of my absolute favorite reds.


The Hair
      So lately I might be a little stuck on the Dutch fishtail. That's probably because I just learned it and I still am having trouble doing it on myself (trust me I'm working on it! ), but for now I have to stick to doing variations of it on other people! So it's no surprise that when I got to play with Taylor's hair again, I just had to place that braid in there somewhere! For Taylor's curls, I used an inch curling iron and curled the hair in sections, teasing each section for just a bit of volume! The braid just sort of came into place while I was playing around, but I love how perfectly it flowed from a 90's grunge look to pretty dress in a field!