Bellingham Fashion Shoot | Urban Pointe

Bellingham Fashion Shoot | Urban Pointe

"Great dancers are not brilliant for their technique; they are brilliant for their passion"

Martha Graham


This post is to officially state we knew this lady before she became a crazy famous professional dancer in New York or somewhere equally fabulous. Because it's going to happen. 

This stunna with the killer legs, is Katie. She is a young dancer from Lynden, AND fun tidbit, our "Rockin' Ballet Babe" Cali? One of her besties. How adorable is that?! This shoot is a good example of how not every shoot should be about showcasing the makeup/hair/styling. Though we love to create, what we love more is letting these ladies shine. Because in these shots, you don't notice the makeup. You notice Katie. Most likely you are just blown away by her, because we are. Molly (Molly Joy Photography) does such a great job capturing this young ladies technical talents, but more importantly the passion within her. And she does it in such a beautifully artistic way! We are so blessed to be a part of shoots like this!