Insta Clones

Insta Clones

I can't tell you how many times I have been scrolling Instagram and have seen the exact same look from several different insta-artists.  Now I am all for looking around for inspiration, I mean, I would watch tutorials for hours! But the insta-formula is wrong. 


First of all, if you are contouring your face to fit into that specific molded face shape, stoppit. You are a BABE.

Notice I didn't say, you would be a babe once you completed this check list of makeup steps. I said, you ARE a babe. Now. Pretty please don't try to look like everyone else! 

Makeup is about expressing your personality and individuality, not to keep up with the Instagram makeup artists who do the same variations of contour/highlight, big lashes, winged eyeliner, and nude/mauve lips. Tutorials are there for you to learn from, or to be inspired to create something new altogether! No one's face is the same, and this should be celebrated not discouraged. Contouring is especially dangerous if you are trying to change your bone structure instead of showing it off. We do not all fit in the same mold, thank heavens.

If you want to rock some mascara and a fun lip, please do! If you choose to wear a full face of makeup complete with a glowing highlight, more power to you! If you walk out the door with not a stitch on (still talking makeup of course), then girl, enjoy that extra bit of sleep! 

Now. Sometimes when I am having a lame day, it is down right luxurious for me to sit down with my kit and play. It can be really fun to see how different I can make my face look! But your morning routine should be because you're feelin' it. Don't become an insta-clone I beg of you! Trends are fun, but don't let them rule your world!  

Okay rant over. Here are some pretty pictures of some babes taken by the ultimate babe, Lj Shepherd Photography.