But first, COOKIES!

But first, COOKIES!

Spending a lazy weekend morning lounging in bed?

Do you have a tub overflowing with bubbles calling your name?

You know what would make it better? COOKIES. 

Whether you choose to pair them with champagne or coffee, these babies make a great situation absolutely fantastic. You can imagine what they would do to a bad day. So much happiness in one little box! These are sold in bridesmaid boxes, birthday boxes, thank you, I love you, and if those aren't quite perfect, she also does custom orders!

When Jenna of The Sweet Petite asked if we would like to do a shoot featuring her products we jumped aboard immediately. When she said she also had Sarah Postma Photography on board we were practically giddy. We were not disappointed! We spent an afternoon hanging out in Jenna impeccably designed apartment, with our gorgeous models Sydney and Brooklyn, snacking on left over cookies. AND now we have pretty pictures too! #DreamJob.