Independence Day Style

Independence Day Style

It's hard to dress for a holiday without going full on tacky, but by golly I believe we did it team! With Rihannon's styling tips from Fringe Boutique, some summer glow makeup tips, and Erika's hair scarf tutorials, you will be ready to celebrate in style! 

Shout out to Kiana Lindsey for these gorgeous photos! Would you believe these were taken around 9:30? With almost no light? And they look like THIS! Pure skill right there. 

Styling Tips from Fringe Boutique!

If you're like me, you take any opportunity to dress for a theme! The 4th of July can be tricky if you want to go red, white, & blue without being overly patriotic or cheesy. Erika loves a cute outfit to celebrate Independence Day, so we helped her style something simple and classic to hint at the holiday without going overboard. Here are my tips for styling the perfect 4th of July outfit:

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1) What's more American than denim?! Cut-offs, white jeans, a denim jacket, or even our cute denim stripe flip flops are the perfect American touch.

2) Go bold and pick one piece of clothing or accessory to represent each color of the flag. Erika has her cut-offs for blue, a bright vintage scarf in her hair for red, and a striped tee and sunglasses for white.


3) Play with stars & stripes in different colors. Try blue and white stripes, or white and grey like Erika's shirt. Her hair scarf has dots, but against the red they kind of play with hinting at stars.

4) Cut-offs and tees are cute, but when the sun goes down and it's time for fireworks you'll want something a little warmer. Be sure to bring a cute jacket to throw on! I always pack a pair of jeans to change into as well.


Summer Glow & Faux Freckles!

We all know the sun is not exactly a friend to your skin, but for some reason we all love that sun kissed glow and the adorable freckles that pop up when we spend some extra time outdoors! Here are some pro tips for looking like you spent the day on the lake rather than stuck at work! 

4th of July Makeup Tutorial, Faux Freckles, Summer Glow Makeup

1) Cream blushes and highlights are your friend. After applying a good moisturizer, blend into your skin with your fingers and no one will be able to tell that subtle glow was courtesy of NARS and not the sun! 

2) Touch your blush along the bridge of your nose. Just ever so lightly now, the slightest kiss of pink will bring a youthful flush to your face, right were it would be naturally! 

3) Use a small brow pencil (I go for the warm brown tones) to dot freckles along the bridge of your nose and your cheeks! Light tap over the dots with your finger to blend them into your skin and make them look more natural. 

4th of July Makeup, Faux Freckles, Red Lip, Bellingham Makeup Artist. 
Less is more when if comes to that subtle, cool girl vibe, but sometimes you just wanna be a little extra! Grab your favorite red lip and some fluffy lashes and you are all set! 

Fun ways to accessorize with Hair Scarves


Lets talk about hair scarves! I usually find that most people are either completely scared of them because they aren't sure how to wear or tie them or completely addicted to them like I am! They can take your look to the next level with little effort!

There are COUNTLESS ways to wear a hair scarf Once you know how, it is completely addictive and you will try to wear one every day. ( Which is why I have so many, I need one for each outfit! ) I took some time and used my many scarves to show you a few different ways I tie mine!