How to put together the perfect wedding guest look!

Wedding season is coming in hot here in the PNW! Erika and I have teamed up with Fringe Boutique (Check out owner Rhiannon's Boss Lady feature here!) to give you some tips! These will have you feeling your absolute best without drawing attention from the bride...for good or bad reasons! ;) 

Outfit tips From Fringe

Bellingham Fashion Blog, Fringe Boutique, Wedding Guest Fashion.

1. The Dress: don’t go strapless! Constantly pulling up your strapless dress while you’re dancing is not so cute, so just wear a dress that stays put and doesn’t require any fuss. Elizabeth went with this solid jewel tone maxi dress that can easily be dressed up for a semi formal wedding, or dressed down for a backyard wedding. The subtle ruffles and wrap style fit is gorgeous on her curves!

Bellingham Fashion, Fringe Boutique, Wedding Guest Fashion

2. The Shoes: the trend this season in shoes works so well for all of those outdoor PNW summer weddings! Chunky block heels, wedges, platform sandals, or dressy slides are all perfect for grassy settings. Since Elizabeth went with a solid colored dress, we took it up a notch with these glittering block heels! Just because it’s not your wedding doesn’t mean you can’t feel like Cinderella.

Bellingham Fashion, Fringe Boutique, Wedding Guest Fashion
Bellingham Fashion, Fringe Boutique, Wedding Guest Fashion

3. The Accessories: this is where you really have the option to dress it up or down. The jewelry and accessories make all the difference! Drawing on the glitz in her shoes, we gave Elizabeth a statement necklace with just enough bling, a silver clutch for all her essentials, and finished the look with a stack of bangles. We love the mixed metal look we ended up with!


Bellingham Fashion, Fringe Boutique, Wedding Guest Fashion

4. The Wrap: it’s always a good idea to bring along an extra layer, and one of our favorite ways to keep it classy when you need a little something over your shoulders is with a scarf! We all have a million scarves in our closets, so this is a great way to get some wear out of them in the summer. Just wrap around your shoulders like a shawl!


Hair tips from Erika

My tips for you today are going to be in two sections, Quick & Easy and Plenty of Time! Reason being, when I am attending a wedding, I am either A.) coming from doing the hair for that wedding, need to get ready quick and head back out the door, or B.) have all the time in the world! So you get my tips for both situations!


Quick and Easy


1. Go with whatever style your hair does naturally. If you have curly hair, leave it natural or do a quick curl, if it's straight and doesn't hold curl then run a straightener though it! Keep it simple for yourself! 
2. The next step would be to add that fancy touch! The easiest way is to just twist and pin one side of your hair back. A simple and classic look. If you wanted to up your game you could always braid it back instead of pin, like I did for Liz! 

Plenty of Time

1. Try something new! You have a gorgeous outfit, why not try out a fun style! For me it is usually adding braids and recently, fancy ponytails! 
2. If you are planning on trying something new, practice beforehand! It might sound silly, but I have had it so many times where I try this elaborate hairstyle, end up not being able to achieve and end up frustrated and just giving up! Practicing beforehand can eliminate that! 

Bellingham Fashion, Fringe Boutique, Wedding Guest Fashion


Whether it be a headband, hair rings, or sparkly pins, there are so many ways to dress up your hair, use this occasion to break them out! And finally, whether you have plenty of time or not, remember that you are most likely going to be dancing the night away later, so make sure to hairspray and that those bobby pins are snug in place! 


Makeup tips From Elizabeth 

Weddings are a great reason to take a little extra time, add a little extra pop, and really just enjoy doing your makeup! You're celebrating the love of some dear friends, but it good to make an effort to feel great about yourself too! It's a delicate balance of practical and a touch of extra. Being extra fancy isn't quite as fun if you're worrying about your eye shadow creasing, sweating through your foundation, or your lipstick coming off. 


1. Skin Prep! When doing bridal makeup, I'm always sure to exfoliate their face as use a great primer to really make their skin glow even before the makeup. This will ensure your makeup has something to stick to, and you will probably feel you need less of it if your skin is happy!

Bellingham Fashion, Fringe Boutique, Wedding Guest Fashion

2. Waterproof. While wearing a waterproof mascara every day is a sure fire way to dry out your lashes, this is the time to pull it out! I always keep a sample size in my makeup bag for occasions like this, there is no way I would go through a whole one before it expires!


3. Translucent Powder is your new best friend. A quick dusting over your foundation to finish will keep the shine at bay and ensure nothing moves around! (A good example of this is lightly powdering your under eyes after you put on concealer. Mascara can transfer throughout the day if it's touching something not 100% dry, a good powder will keep the mascara on your lashes where it belongs!) Finish your skin with your favorite setting spray and you are good to go!

Bellingham Fashion, Fringe Boutique, Wedding Guest Fashion

4. Have a little fun! Go out and grab a fun summer lip color (I've really been feeling the orange tones lately!), you could go for a stain or even a tinted lip balm! This is your chance to play around! (Tip, try the new colors out beforehand and see how you feel about it. You should at least be able to recognize yourself!)


Thank you to Natalie of Natalie Olsen Photography for coming out to work with a real (awkward) person instead of a model! She was a gem and obviously the photos turned out beautifully!