PNW Fall Style | With Fringe Boutique

PNW Fall Style | With Fringe Boutique

I love fall, we all love fall. BUT this year for some reason I have been ALL OVER IT. Pumpkin Spice is the only option when I grab coffee. Boots and sweaters even when it’s warm out. Pumpkins all over my house. The color orange casually making it’s way into my every day looks… Fall 2018, ya got me! I surrender! I have become THAT person.

The thing is when you become THAT person, you start to wear off on everyone else! Thanks to these ladies coming together to pull this shoot off! Here are our styling tips so you can catch the fall fever too! If you haven’t already ;)

But first, shout out to Kiana Lindsey for coming out to the awesome Triple Wren Pumpkin Patch last minute to grab some shots! She is so talented and made this non-model feel great in front of the camera!

PNW Fall Styling Tips


Rhiannon, Owner of Fringe Boutique

1. Orange. Everything. From the lighter tones of this melon sweater Elizabeth has on, to the warmer pumpkin spice and caramel, and the almost-brown camel--we are obsessed with this color family this season! Mustard yellow has been a long time fall favorite, but it's one of those colors that either works with your hair and skin tone or is a hard pass. We love how oranges embody the same warm and cozy fall vibes, but in a color palette that looks good on everyone!

2. Ankle Boots are definitely having a moment. We love their versatility in styling--you can wear them every day with jeans and sweaters, or pair them with a dress and tights for an elevated look. We love the heel height and pointed toe of the ones Elizabeth has on, and we also carry them in black! We know boots can be on the more expensive end of the shoe spectrum, but think of it this way: it's an investment! If you buy good quality, comfortable boots, you’ll likely wear them 4-5 days a week for the next 8 months!

3. Backpacks. Whether you’re apple picking or heading to the pumpkin patch, backpacks are such a great alternative to purses and will leave your hands free for whatever fall activity you’re up to. 

4. Big Scarves. We love the big, blanket scarf trend, and truly believe you can never have too many scarves. They are a great way to add a little texture, pattern, or pop of color to your outfit without going overboard, and they are just too cozy and snuggly to resist! 



Fall is by far my favorite season, I absolutely love the color palate, all the yellow, orange, red and gold hues! I think however, one of my favorite things about each season is all the new trends that come with them! I like to see what will be reused and brought back in new ways, and what completely new ideas people will come up with! Today I am going to list for you a few of my favorite trends in hair accessories is right now!

1.)    Scrunchies : I feel like this is a divided comeback, with half for and half against! I side with the scrunchies, I love that they made a comeback! They make your ponytail look fly with little to no effort and I personally think they take away some of the tight ponytail headache! I will link some of my favorites below, take your pick!

2.)    Bobby Pins : Let me clarify here, I am talking about the accessorizing bobby pins! The pretty ones that have diamonds and designs on them! It is so easy to dress up any hairstyle with! I have a drawer full of them, and I use them numerous different ways! Start with your hair natural, curled or straight with a deep part, and pin that part back with a few of them! Or wear your hair parted down the middle with bobby pins on either side. Pin a few on your top knot to dress it up for a night out! I’m serious when I say there are endless ways to use them! ( this might be the subject of a whole separate blog someday! )


3.)    Braids : Now I know that this technically isn’t an accessory, however if you don’t like pinning things in your hair, or don’t have the money to spend on accessories, then this is a great alternative! You all know that I absolutely love braids, so this shouldn’t come as a shock! I think braids can dress up an ordinary hairstyle just as much, if not more than any other accessory! Braid some of your bangs back and add to your ponytail. Leave some of your topknot hair out and braid it and wrap around your top knot!

 For Elizabeth’s hair I used braids as my accessories! Instead of just pulling her hair back in a boring simple half up, I complicated it a bit by adding two dutch braids! A little more of a fun vibe for a visit to the pumpkin patch, plus it will keep the hair out of her face if it is windy! Win win!


I think orange is a color that scares a lot of people when it comes to incorporating it into their makeup looks, but the truth is there are so many subtle ways to add a little pop of color without looking like a clown!

  1. Lip Color. Much like a red lip, finding the right orange for you might take a little experimentation, but it’s an easy way to rock this fall hue. You can do everything from an peach tinted gloss, to a fire orange stain but adding color to your lips is a simple way to play up any makeup look.

  2. Blush. I am a blush addict all the way. Once you find the right tone, you can add it to much more than your cheeks for a little “flush”. I love to buff it onto my cheeks and then without adding more product to my brush, blend the slightest bit to the bridge of my nose. This helps give the appearance that I’ve been out in the sun, but without the sun damage! I will also blend a little of my blush color into my eye socket/crease. Because it’s the same color as your cheeks, it’s monochromatic and natural, but will contrast with your eye color (works with pretty much any eye color!) and make those babies pop.

  3. Eye shadow. If you have time and really want to get into the spirit, this is where the fun stuff can happen! Pull out all your toys and go to town! If you want to keep it subtle work with browns and creams to soften the brightness of the orange, or keep the color on the lower half of your lid so it’s visible when you are looking down. Or you could just dive into it like I did and do the whole lid!


The trick to doing a wearable orange look is to do one “pop” while keep the rest of the face pretty neutral/complimentary. For this I kept my skin pretty clean and choose a bronzey Lip Conditioning Whip from Jaiden Madison Cosmetics (made right here in Bellingham!!) to balance out the orange while still being fun and super hydrating. Also, notice I’m not wearing any false lashes! I finally found an all natural lash serum and it is doing WERK on my lashes!

Thank you to Triple Wren Farms for letting us hang out in your adorable pumpkin Patch!!