19 Days - A coffee & donut themed bridal shower

As most of you know by now, our wonderful Erika is now married to my big brother! We are absolutely thrilled to have her join our family, and can't wait to see what the future holds for them! But first let me take you back a few weeks, to her bridal shower. 

When it comes to Erika we all know she would have a very hard time living without a few things. Chris, Kona, and coffee. Therefore the idea for a coffee themed bridal shower was natural and perfectly fitting for the bride to be! It was in no way fancy, but we did have a lot of fun putting it together (and even more fun with the leftovers)! To tell the truth my lovely mother did most of the hard work for this day, and took the time to take some photos as well! Thanks mom!  

Coffee and donuts go together like Chris and Erika, so of course we had to get some favorites from our local bakery, Just Desserts in Lynden! *side note* Those fritters are considered "minis". If you go order a regular one, it will be about the size of your head. Seriously. 

Because we are coffee lovers in general, it didn't take much effort to pull together different options for the drinks. We had cold brew, hot coffee, cream and sugar, a few different flavored syrups from Monin (best syrups ever.), as well as chocolate, white chocolate, and caramel. You can make pretty much anything, but just for kicks we had some recipes written out on the signs! 

All the BEAUTIFUL signage was created by my cousin Marlies! Hopefully you'll see more of her work in the future!