9-9-16 ... A Perfect Day

Oh my goodness where to even begin! The 9th of September was, the most amazing day. I'm going to start with some people that helped make this day beautiful! The dress, the flowers, the delicious food and decor :) , all beautifully captured in pictures we get to look at and treasure forever! Lina Verovaya, the face behind Take a Shot Photography made sure our day was excellently well documented! And we got all our pictures in record time! She and her second shooter Cody Stacy made sure we got the pictures we wanted while moving everything right along! I highly recommend her to any bride looking for a photographer for her big day! The flowers for this day, were made by an amazing family friend and GiGi (grandma) to my beautiful nieces, Lori Tenkley. The bouquet's were insanely beautiful, the white and green with pops of maroon and she even painted some leaves gold. What a talented lady!! Rose Degroot of Fairway Café helped us create an amazing dinner menu! As many of you know, my second job is waitressing at Fairway Café, so it was only logical to have them (the best catering company in town) make dinner! (I swear I'm not biased they are just that good, ask anyone! ) My dress was made by a sweet friend, Rebecca Vanderhage...I knew I had a specific picture in my head of what I wanted, which might have made it really difficult to find. She was so helpful in pulling all the parts off the pictures I liked on Pinterest and putting them all together in one dress! I am still in love and I desperately need a reason to wear it again! Last but not least, what is a wedding without coffee, specifically espresso, so we got a coffee bar though Oh Snap Photobooth, yes they have a coffee bar too, and it was delicious!

What a good man, he helped me carry around my dress, veil and flowers all day with no complaints! :)

Of course, we just HAD to get this shot with Chris's truck, that was his only picture request!

A shout out to the sister who made me so beautiful! Of course the one and only Elizabeth Marie did everybody's makeup with the help of her assistant Sydney Cutsforth! All the ladies looked so beautiful, I could not have asked for a more talented makeup artist (what a plus that she's my sister now!). I did my own hair and couple others and the wonderful Leah Kooistra helped out with the rest! We had such an amazing team to get ready with in the morning! I couldn't be more thankful!

We kept everything in the family! Chris's best man was his brother Richard, and groomsmen were his brother-in-law Michael, and two of my brothers Luke and Steven, with the other two brothers Derek and Jamie as ushers! My matron of honor was my sister-in-law Emily, as well as my sister-in-law Kelsie and Chris' sisters Elizabeth and Katherine! Our little flower girl was Rowen Olivia, my oldest niece! The other 3 nieces can't walk yet, but they were dressed up to the nines as well! Charli, Ava, and Penny :)

I am going to stop here for a minute and say also, that I had the best matron of honor in history! Emily, thank you for skipping the sister-in-law stuff and just being my sister. Being the wonderful planner that you are, you kept me on track and in the right wedding mindset, reminding me what was actually the most important thing that would happen this day. Me, marrying the love of my life. I am so grateful and blessed to have you in my life! This day would not have gone so smoothly without you!

This is about the most cooperative picture we got with these three hooligans!

This is about the most cooperative picture we got with these three hooligans!

These two pictures here are probably my favorite out of the entire album. It depicts what both Chris and I's life was like and what kind of men we were raised by. From a young age I remember coming down early in the morning to my Dad having devotions before he headed to work. I remember him constantly telling me he was praying for me everyday, as well as for the husband I would eventually have. I could not be more grateful for that prayer now that I am married to that man. Chris and I both grew up with strong Christian men leading the home, with prayer and a relying strength in God. I am so excited to begin our new lives also relying on God to help us grow in our marriage. I grow more and more thankful everyday for the men God has brought into my life, as well as the women! Lucky me I not only get one, but another beautiful Mother who both lead me through their own Christian examples. For my Mom and I, as her only girl, this is the one wedding we got to plan together!  She put up with me through all the wedding madness and agreed to help me do it all in three months. I am so thankful for the fact that she is not just my Mom, but also one of my best friends.

The best part of this day was spending it with the family and friends we love. These people are amazing and without them, this day couldn't have been what it was! Thank you to all the family and friends who helped us set up, do guestbook, and clean everything up! Thank you to the family who traveled a great distance to be there for the big day! Grandparents, uncles and aunts, cousins, friends, we are so blessed by you all!