7 Days - Time is almost up!

Yes, yes, I know I have been slacking in the updating area. But I had to plan a wedding in 3 months guys, give me a break ;)

Everything (in my knowledge) has been going smoothly and all coming together!  That big checklist has almost everything checked off it, and let's be honest, if those little things don't get done, I will be the only one who knows. The BIG important stuff is done, so let me give you a sneak peak...


Yup! That's our names on a marriage license... things are starting to feel real!

My mom and I went on a wedding shopping trip last week and hit some jackpots! I can't show you everything (I have to keep some secrets) but one of the many things we found was this super cool planter we will use for décor! We also checked off spray painting pots (thanks to my cousin Lisa for helping me with that!) planting succulents, and the rain came just in time to water them and make sure they take root!


Ring shopping! (check) There is just something about pretty purple boxes! <3


This is the door leading to all the bridesmaids dresses and groom and groomsmen's shirts! We were able to pick up my wedding dress last week, but I don't plan on blogging about my dress until after the wedding, because... I had it made by the super talented Rebecca Vanderhage, and no one has seen it except for my Mom and I, so it's a surprise for everyone day of! I can't wait to share those pictures with you!

I am getting married in a WEEK! What! This is crazy! I plan on moving everything to Chris' this week (getting it done before the crazy week starts! ), and I feel like that's when everything will really hit me that this big life change is about to happen.


One thing I know for sure though, I can't wait to marry Chris Appel!