Bridal Trend Alert: Skin

I have always loved skin. For the last little while the Kardashian trend has encouraged a full face of makeup, layer upon layer to give your face a perfectly sculpted look. Who hasn't at least attempted to contour? Common. I know you shut yourself in the bathroom to paint your face with ALL the shades of foundation hoping you'll come out with a smaller nose, chiseled jaw line and cheek bones so sharp they could kill. I can tell you the first time I played with this technique I came out looking like a bad, very un-fierce, drag queen. To those girls who rock this look everyday, you deserve a round of applause for your skill and dedication to getting out of bed extra early! However, for my fellow lazy girls, I have some good news!

Skin is back baby.

Bridal Trends, Skin.

Makeup artist land is rejoicing. Seriously. So tired of covering up you beautiful people! 

Alicia Keys may be making headlines for the no makeup look now (spoiler, yes she is still wearing makeup), but this trend has been a strong presence in fashion for a while now. Thank heavens it's finally starting to trickle into the mainstream! Some of my favorite bridal looks I have worked on have been the crazy dramatic, smokey eyed goodness. Honestly though, it's when I force myself to be creative about being natural that things get really fun.

How do I make her skin look like it's lit from within?
How about making pores smooth away?
Make the gold in her eyes stand out as opposed to the blue?

All things a makeup artist should know and continually be learning as they come into contact with new faces. Simple makeup is not always "simple". That's why I love it! 

This shoot with Clinton James Photography will forever be one of my favorites. Brilliant photography work paired with the creative genius that is Pozie by Natalie makes for pure magic. I loved the clean makeup we did, and Erika KILLED it with the hair!

Bridal Trends, Skin.
Bridal Makeup Trends, Skin.