Bellingham Makeup Artist | Introverted Artist at Work

I am an introvert with an extroverted job.

Towards the end of wedding season, I retreat further and further into our cozy little home and don’t really care to see anyone except for my absolutely wonderful husband. It takes more effort than ever to continually be “on point” for my clients and in turn, more time for me to recharge.

I absolutely love what I do and the people I get to hang out with! In the moment I am always thoroughly enjoying myself, it’s the best. Job. Ever! As soon as I sit in my car and shut the door however, I take a deep breath, exhale, and start to decompress.

It’s like a battery. Fully charged I have so much energy and creative juices to devote to others. Whether it be my hubby, family, friends, clients, even things like networking events, styled shoots, websites, or blogging, I always have the energy to take on the world! As the season goes on, it gets harder and harder for me to recharge that battery. It’s like instead of a rapid charge I need an overnight charge. But in this case “overnight” is an entire day. It takes an annoyingly long time for me to feel ready to take on the full schedule I set for myself back when I was bright eyed and bushy tailed.

I believe my clients deserve for me to be mindfully present whenever I see them. I believe I am there to serve them to the absolute best of my ability. Every time that includes providing an amazing service, but also making their day a little bit better than it was to begin with.

*Side note* I will always side with grace, but I am learning the fine art of blending a touch of strength in as well. Setting limits and learning to say no to the things that may not be an ideal situation is vital. Makeup artistry is in the service industry, we are here to serve. But don’t try to walk over us either. ;)

Because we have an absolutely amazing community I reached out via social media to see what other creatives had to say about handling this season. Turns out I’m not the only one struggling to balance being an introverted creative. Weird huh? There was loads of great wisdom shared with me, so I have compiled them into helpful tips to share with you!

How to Thrive as an Introverted Artist

  1. Schedule a weekend for yourself, even if it’s in the middle of the week! Take the time to sleep in, take care of your house, maybe make a home cooked meal, spend some time with your family. Life exists outside of your clients, and as much as you love them, self care is key.

  2. If you need to “splurge” with your time do it. We can’t recover if we leave one draining task for another. Instead of worrying about getting every single chore done on your weekend, maybe soak in the bath or read a book. Or BOTH.

  3. Many wedding vendors are also empaths, which in my mind is a strength. We relate to another's emotional state easily, which means we are really good at caring for our clients. It also means we almost absorb those emotions and have to clear them from our souls before going back to day to day life. Own your strengths and be proud of them, but take the time you need to refresh.

  4. Be as organized and prepared for your job as you can. We don’t have unlimited time, (I wish) so the more we can efficiently use our tools on the job (this is especially helpful on the back end) the more valuable time we have at home.

  5. Once on the job, use what you can to your advantage! If there is a slightly quieter corner, set up there. Find your peace to you can share it with others.

  6. Own that you are an introverted artist. Let people know, play some music, and do your thang. Don’t try to market someone who isn’t you, be honest and you will draw clients who appreciate you (and your calmness!).

  7. Once you are finished with the job/day, build in a little down time. One of my friends suggested build in a little note taking time afterwards, which I think is brilliant. Write down the things you needed to process or even remember, let it go, and move on.

Honestly, the support I received in this one question was amazing! So much love! Thank you to these wonderful people who took the time to engage with me in such a meaningful way!

Thank you to Kim Lincoln Photography for not only providing the gorgeous photography but also many words of wisdom for thriving as an introvert! These photos are from a BFF shoot we did that we planned to share a little later on, but we couldn't wait any longer! Thanks to Rebecca and Sarah for coming all the way from Canada to hang out with us, it was an absolute joy to get to know the two of you! 

Tips for Thriving as an Introverted Artist