Post Wedding Lazy Day

With wedding season winding down, I think it's time for everyone to take a breath, and take some time for you! Brides, mom's, maids, vendors, (anyone who has recently been involved in a wedding really) I'm looking at you! Weddings are joyous occasions and we all love them, but they can also be a little draining especially if you have a few in a row! *cough, vendors, cough* You have worked hard pouring your heart and soul into a very special day, so here is a few ideas to treat yourself with minimal effort!

Step 1. Take some time. Better yet, take a whole day! It can be hard with life zooming around non-stop, but having an quiet, unscheduled/unclocked day is the most relaxing thing I could ever do! Sleep in, watch lots of Netflix, eat pie for breakfast at lunchtime, turn the music up and dance around the house! Let your "get'r done" brain rest.

Step 2. Treat your skin. Between stress breakouts, tears, (and the waterproof mascara used to combat them) and lack of sleep, your skin could use some pampering. But! You don't want to put a lot of effort into tracking down fancy oils or running to the store for ingredients, so all you need is one thing. An egg!

Simple Lazy Spa Day with a facial and hair mask. Tips for Self Care.

Actually, if we're getting technical, an egg white. Simply whip that egg white into a froth and spread evenly across your face (I just use my fingers, slimy but it does the trick), avoiding your eye and lip areas. Let it dry completely, and gently remove with a warm wash cloth. If you have some honey/lemon (for breakouts) or avocado/plain yogurt (for dry skin) these make great additions, but don't work too hard now. 

Step 3. Put some life back in your hair. Weddings mean pulling out all the stops, getting your hair freshly cut and colored being one of them. For Chris and Erika's wedding, in as little as a few days, I freshly bleached my hair and styled it with heat several times. Not to mention the teasing, braiding, and pinning that happens. And the hairspray. ALL the hairspray! So again, we go back to that secret ingredient. An egg. BUT, this time, an egg yolk. Yay for no waste! 

If you have lots of hair, you might need two yolks, mix them with a tablespoon of olive oil, and a little warm water to help it spread around. Then, flip your head over the bathtub and gradually work the mixture through your hair. Wrap it up in a tippy top knot and take a long bath (read a book!), wash your hair a few times, condition normally, and rinse a little extra to be safe. Your hair will be extra soft and shiny when it dries, I know mine was! 


Even if a DIY spa day isn't your thing, take some time for yourself. Don't worry about the house, the groceries, the emails, social media, or anything else on your list. They can wait :) 

Much love to you all, we did it! 

Simple Lazy Spa Day with a facial and hair mask. Tips for Self Care.


Yes, I know what you really wanted to see were the gorgeous photos from Chris and Erika's wedding, they are coming soon I promise! Can you believe it's been a week already?? For now we'll have to settle for these sneak peaks by Take a Shot Photography by Lina!