An Esthetician's Skincare Routine

Lazy. Yep that's me. I don't like lots of steps and if it takes longer than 2 minutes I'm out. When it comes to my personal skincare anyway! I can spend all the time in the world taking care of other people's skin but when it comes to my own I would rather just watch Netflix until I fall asleep!

However, I have decided that 2018 I'm going to be nice to my skin. I have naturally dry, (sometimes dehyrated) skin, but for the most part (as long as I'm washing my face!) I don't have to deal with breakouts. It has served me well, but I'm definitely not getting any younger and I want to keep it nourished and glowing for as long as possible! 

I'm counting on you to keep me accountable! Let's do this together, our skin will thank us! I can always go back and read this when I fall into my lazy habits. ;) 



No one does this and I have no idea what is wrong with people. Exfoliation is my favorite thing in the world and this stuff makes me so happy! You can litterally see the dead skin rolling off your face! Gross yes, but AWESOME. I keep this baby in the shower and scrub my face with it a few times a week.



Another bit Sonia Roselli brilliance and my introduction into the world of facial oils! I use a few pumps into my hands and apply to my dry skin, rub it around and rinse off with warm water.



Brings the skin back to a happy Ph level, AND it smells AMAZING. LOVE. I mist my face with this when I just want to freshen up, before or after makeup! 


Treatment #1

New fave product right here. Currently doing some research to see how it reacts to different skin types, so hold tight on the details there. 


Treatment #2

I naturally have deep set eyes, that paired with my pale skin and habit of not drinking NEAR enough water means I have fun circles under my eyes constantly. I also figure the more I can preemptively combat fine lines the better! I haven't been using this for too long, but a little goes a long way, it's not too thick, and plumps up my eye area nicely! So far so good!


Roll baby roll. 

After applying the treatments I always (okay... when I'm being good...) help everything sink in a little deeper with a jade roller. This baby helps with lymphatic drainage, helps my puffiness go away, increases circulation (my face immediately turns pink!), and long term is supposed to help with elasticity. Check back in 20 years for that one. 

This is my usual routine right before I go to bed, but if you're doing this in the morning just add a good sunscreen/moisturizer before heading out the door. Makeup is optional when your face is this happy! 

Also, these may seem like a lot of stuff, but it takes me under 5 minutes! And it's kinda fun! 

What is your routine? I always enjoy learning how other people's skin works so let me in on your secrets! 

Here are some links for you to shop the products I use! As always, we are not paid to talk about these products but should you choose to shop through these links we will make a small commission at no extra cost to you! Stay tuned for the Maven Botanics Product listing!