Bellingham Makeup Artist: Springtime Berry Lip

Spring is here! Even if it may only show up every other day... or two. Here is a pretty berry lip tutorial to brighten your day and bring a fresh pop of color to your look! 

You will need...

Three of your favorite shades of pink (or nuts), one dark, one medium, and one light. 

Springtime Makeup Tutorial

Step 1

Fill in the bow of your upper lip and the outside corners of your lips with the deepest color.

Step 2

Blend the middle shade into the edges of the first and start to fill in the majority of the lip. Leave the very center blank. 

Step 3

Fill in what is left with the lightest color, smack your pretty lips together to blend everything, and there ya go! 

Thanks to Ailia for modeling for us! Yes, we have the best models, and yes, we are very lucky to have them! 

Springtime Makeup Tutorial