Pro Artist Tips: Makeup for Freckles

One of my most common requests from my wonderful clients is that I try not to cover their freckles. Which of course, I shudder at the thought of! I LOVE FRECKLES. Because these little facial gems seem to be hard to fully take advantage of while wearing makeup I thought I would compile a few of my top tips and products for letting them shine! 

  1. Keep your skin healthy and let your freckles shine, they should be the only “texture” on your face (fingers crossed!).

  2. Ever notice that you have more freckles in the places that see the sun? Ever seen a baby with freckles? Wear sunscreen. Freckles are technically sun damage that happened when we were young and carefree. Love them yes, but they come at a cost.  

  3. Grab your favorite concealer and spot treat anything that needs it, gently tap to blend and go naked or light coverage for the rest of your face.

  4. Don’t be afraid to add a little rosey tones for blush and shadow for a little extra something.

  5. Freckles are pretty much my favorite thing, they’re like a built in accessory for your face! The more you can keep your makeup simple, the more people will notice them.  

  6. If you would like to enhance them (say for photos), simply take a brown eyeliner pencil (I usually use a neutral/warm brown color) and softly dab over your existing freckles. Then take your finger and tap it to softly blend and take away the perfect circle look.

Here are some of my absolute faves that I use either in my pro kit, in my facials, or in my own personal stash to keep my routine simple and quick!

Beautiful Photos by Ashley Hayes Photography!

Pro Makeup Tips for Freckles