Makeup Myth Busting: Redheads

Redheads are often blessed with fair skin and freckles, this crazy awesome combination of unique features that no one really knows how to fully take advantage of! HERE are my tips for letting your freckles shine before we do some myth busting.

Redheads should avoid colorful makeup.

Colors like gold/bronze/browns are neutral and look awesome on pretty much anyone. BUT. For redheads I often reach for wines and plums mixed in with a little copper. Also blushy pinks are pretty dang good too. AND jewel tones. Actually I feel like redheads wear most colors like a BOSS.

Redheads should keep their makeup basic

Redhead complexions for can sometimes cause difficulties in matching (warm or cool?), but once you get that down they can be incredibly fun to play on. It’s one thing to have your style down to a tee and never stray from it. It’s quite another to be too scared to try anything because you don’t want TOO much going on in combination with your fiery tresses.

Redheads shouldn’t wear red lipstick

Red (or any bold colors for that matter) lipsticks are all about finding the right shade for you! *Hint* If you have cool/pale skin go for the blue tones reds, warm/golden skin head over to the orange based reds!

Some of my all time favorite shades for redheads!