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Lynden Hairstylist : Summer Nights

Erika AppelComment
Lynden Hairstylist : Summer Nights

So, who is headed up to the Northwest Washington Fair today?

I'll be there! My family goes every year to watch the Demolition Derby, Which is way more exciting now that my husband participates in it! (and nerve racking!) I also have to get my yearly fill of fair food! who doesn't like a giant plate of curly fries, or some ice cream sandwiches from the dairy women booth!

This look was inspired by the fair week! I love the boho vibe it gives off with all the little braids, but the best part is all the little accessories! (I'll be providing some links for the rings and cuffs further down!) I unfortunately don't have any step by step photos for this tutorial, so I'll give you the step by step and am excited to see what you create with it!

You will need a comb, elastics, and cute accessories! ( which you can find here, & here & here! ...ok, I'll stop now :)

1.) I started with loosely curled hair, but straight hair, or air dried hair would also work well with this!

2.) I did 3 small French braids to get the bangs out of her face, and then for a fun twist I braided those three French braids together!

3.) Then I pretty much just added little regular and fishtail braids randomly throughout the hair.

4.) Last step is to add all the cute accessories, I used hair rings and cuffs! ( so fun!!)

The fun thing about this style is that you can pretty much do it however you want! Be creative, add your own little twist!

I will hopefully see all you beautiful people at the fair!

A huge thanks to our beautiful models Callie & Katie

As well as to the super talented Caylie Mash Photography

Summer boho braid tutorial.