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Lynden Hairstylist : Creating Curly Locks

Erika AppelComment
Lynden Hairstylist : Creating Curly Locks

Today I am going to share with you my favorite techniques to create big beautiful curly hair! Now, I know the trending style right now is loose or beachy waves, but sometimes it’s fun to break out of that bubble and try something big and new!

One of first techniques that I use, is that I switch curl direction every other strand. That way the curls don't conform to each other and it makes the hair bigger.

There are two different ways I use to break the curls apart.

1.) Running your fingers through the curls gently. This is one I wouldn't recommend if your hair doesn't hold curl, because then it tends to pull the curl out. But if your hair does hold curl, this is a great way to break apart your curls. Hairspray lightly after, before moving  on to the next section. I usually use this technique for the lower sections and use the second for the sections above the ears.
2.) The second I demonstrate in this video below, it can be hard to explain, but I will try my best!
I take a curl and hold onto the end of it, then I push up on the curl itself to create volume in the individual strand. I find this works really well with helping hair that doesn't hold curl. I then spray the strand and continue on to the next.

Now, this technique does tend to create some frizziness. I personally don't mind a little frizziness, (I like the messy look) but if you don't like that, you can always smooth it down with some shine serum at the end!

I do my finishing touches on top, a little teasing at the root, and some light hairspray, we still want the curls to move and be flexible! (not all crunchy!) My personal favorite way to add a little volume or mess it up a little further when I'm done, is a good ole hair flip and shake! ( wish I had gotten that on video! )


This was such a fun shoot for us, because we shot it on the farm which is my favorite place to be! Shaye and Shyann are both county girls so we knew this would be the perfect photo shoot to do with them! I also caught some great behind the scene moments of our cows, and of course Kona!

Lisa, of Meraki Photography caught these beautiful moments and Shaye and Shyann’s smiles for us, She was so amazing to work with, and I mean, look at these marvelous photos! They speak for themselves!


Some of the fun behind the scenes at the farm, I didn't catch this till later, but there is a cute little Jersey in there having a heck of a time playing with her tongue! So enterntaining!

I love it when I get to include my pup in photo shoots! For some reason Kona likes to roll in the feed, as well as eating some of it from time to time! and what do you do when you are done with a flower crown? Put in on your super cute unexpecting pup of course! :) I think she looks fabulous!