Bellingham Fashion | Golden Halloween

'Tis the season where all the crazies come out to play! Even the tamest people love themselves a good over the top Halloween hair and makeup look! Now our first love is definitely "pretty", 100%. Every once and a while however, we like to play outside our box a little and flex our creative muscles. 



When Erika first sent me this look as an inspiration, I was a little skeptical of the zipper. That is definitely not my usual thang. I kept my doubts to myself and just rolled with it, because that's kinda what this shoot was about! Doing things we may or may not be fully comfortable with! 

To achieve this look, start be doing a smokey eye on the eye that won't be absolutely covered in glitter. Complete with a fierce brow. Then complete your full foundation, contour, highlight, everything.

Then taking your zipper and some lash glue (make sure you have the stuff that dries clear!) and slowly start to attach the zipper to your face. We pinned the top of the zipper to her hair and then slowly laid it down her face with glue, pressing it as it dried. Once the zipper is stable, paint a thin layer of glue, working in one inch sections, and tap glitter into the glue with your finger. Continue down the face from forehead to jawline. 


*HINT* It's helpful to paint the glue on with a brush you don't plan on using again. Also, we used a mixture of chunky and fine glitter, but I thought the chunky showed up better! 

When the glitter is all set, go ahead and add some lashes and a fun lip color. This look can be done with any color scheme, but obviously we're a bit biased towards gold. Along with the gold we added bits of pink and plum, and I actually went a little wild with the airbrush for kicks. That purple color in her hair is actually the same as her blush color, both applied with the airbrush! 


Some of you might have seen this on my or Elizabeth's Instagram story, but I could not make up my mind on what to do with the hair! So I had you guys vote ( Yay instastory polls! ) and the definite winner was the braided buns! I think it was perfect for this! 

I started by parting her hair down the center into 2 sections. Then Dutch braid each section all the way down to the end and tie off with an elastic. I then just twisted the ends of each braid around into a bun and pinned! 


Now for the fun part! Take lots of glitter and a little gel, and mix it together in a bowl. I then used a makeup brush to apply it down her middle part and sweep it out from there! Sprinkle a little more glitter on top just for fun! 


In all fairness when we posted asking for a model we did say "must like glitter", but I don't think any of us, much less Taylor, knew just HOW much it would be. We pretty much glittered EVERYTHING. Her face, her hair, hands, collar bones, shoulders.... I mean once you start it's hard to stop! You may recognize this gorgeous face from some of our other fashion shoots here at Streets of Gold (Click HERE and HERE to see!), she is one of our constant muses and favorite people to work with. Honestly after this, she's earned whatever she wants! Poor thing had to go home and take it all off!!