Streets of Gold turns 2!

The Streets of Gold blog officially went live two years ago! Erika and I doused ourselves in glitter and held on for dear life as we went flying head first into the unknown. 

Bellingham Beauty Blog Birthday, loving your messy life!

There is this perception that in order to put something on the blog, it had to be PERFECT. Beautifully curated, colors on brand, writing on point, basically we had to have it all together. We were sure everyone only wanted to see our pretty moments, nothing raw. We had to convince everyone that we knew what we were doing! 

Today I want to take a moment to celebrate the projects we start without 100% knowing how it will turn out. The lessons we learn when we stumble. The amazing people who come along side you with a grin and pull you back up. I've definitely had a few 'fake it until you make it' moments in my life. Blogging being one of them! Let me tell you something though, you never learn things faster than when you're flying by the seat of your pants! It's even kinda fun sometimes! 

There are so many big decisions in life we have to go after one step at a time, but the unknown causes so many to hesitate before taking the first step. Something big may be be just as scary as something small! I avoided learning all kinds of things about managing a blog (still do!), it's not life changing stuff, but it's definitely overwhelming. 

Our lives are this big jumble of meetings to get to in time, clients to please, family to take care of, maybe once and a while a meal that isn't take out! It's so far from conventional perfection that it's actually a relief to tear down the facade we tend to build on social media. We can't let ourselves stall because we're too afraid of what others may think if we fail! Our rough patches are just as much a part of us as the smooth ones!   

So here's to messy parts of life, may you learn to enjoy them as much as we enjoy leaning, hot messes of cake! Remember you are a QUEEN whether you're wearing yoga pants or a sequined party dress! And hey, if you need a crown to get through it, we got you. 

HUGE thanks to Jennifer Bogle Photography for capturing the mess so perfectly! We are beyond thankful for your smiling face and crazy skills!