Hair Tutorial Video | Quick & Easy Curls

I stepped wayyy out of my comfort zone for these Holidays Hair How To’s! I can't remember the last time I have been filmed, probably not since my Dad used to haul out the big ole recorder and take videos of us kids. Of course in those I’m an adorable little towheaded blonde tomboy running around. Oh how things have changed!

In all seriousness, it was fantastic for me to step from behind the camera to in front of it! It’s always good to try new things and push yourself a little. I promise our videos will get better over time! (so if you have any tips on videoing tutorials, lighting, camera placement, etc. let us know! We love hearing from you!)

Holiday Hair How To : Quick & Easy Curls

This is the primary way I curl my hair everyday. It is everything it says in the title, Quick & Easy! How long it takes you and how it looks at the end will all vary based on hair type and thickness. My hair tends to curl easy and hold all day, so when I curl I don’t hold the curl for longer than 3 -5 seconds.

  • If your hair is thin, feel free to take bigger sections, it will cut down on curling time and avoid those tight curls.
  • For thicker hair or bigger sections, I would hold it for a bit longer.
  • If your hair doesn't hold curl at all, I would advise taking smaller sections and curl them all really tight, then finger comb it out after your entire head is curled and the curls are cool.
  • Hope these little tips help you out for your hair type! If you have anymore questions, feel free to comment below or message me and I will help you out!