Elizabeth's Hair Evolution: Tips and tricks for keeping your hair healthy through your color journey!

My Hair Evolution

If you have known me for any length of time, you know I don't tend to have the same hair color for very long. It wasn't until we landed on this icy blonde that I decided to stick to something for longer than a few months. I held onto it for over a year... record! All these colors are from the last 4 years, almost exactly. Pre-wedding I had let my hair almost completely return to it's natural color and then had it brightened into a bright blonde for the big day in September. By that November I figured my husband was stuck with me so it was time for something FUN! That is where these photos pick up! 

DISCLAIMER. My hair is naturally pretty ashy (check my roots in the first photo) so I've been told it lifts well while retaining it's strength. THIS IS NOT NORMAL. Most hair would not be able to go through a journey like this while still growing and being relatively healthy. The first step is finding a killer stylist, but the second is being reasonable!


The second ginger photo is when I found my current stylist (and dear friend) Brooklyn. I'm sure it's every stylists dream to go from red to blonde (she said dripping with sarcasm), but she stuck with me! She's the reason I have been comfortable trying so many colors, because I know she wouldn't let me do anything my hair couldn't handle! 

I know, I know, Erika doesn't do my hair, crazy! It's not because she isn't talented, because I have SEEN what she can do and I trust her fully. From the beginning Erika has been very gracious and encouraging about me staying with Brooklyn (who I had been seeing for a few years already), so no guilt there! Community over competition is where it's at people!

My pampering routine

Obviously my hair is lightened much of the time, therefore I baby it to make sure it stays soft and strong. I wash it 2-3 times a week with a purple shampoo. I would say I do a deep conditioning mask (either with a color corrector or without) about every other week. I hardly ever blow dry, mostly because I'm lazy, but also because heat drys out my hair pretty quickly. I used to curl my hair maybe once a week, but as it gets long I rock the braids (definitely not Erika braids, but I try) most of the time. So heat styling in general prolly goes down to once a month. Maybe. Also, let me repeat, I'm lazy, and it takes seemingly FOREVER. I also have a couple leave in conditioners and serums that I will throw in there if it has been an especially dry week and my hair is getting less silky. 

my secret weapon

This toning mask by Pravana will straight up turn my hair grey if I let it set for 10-15 minutes. It was a life saver when I lived in the county with my well water, but it's toning is even stronger now that I'm on city water!


My hair is naturally pretty thick and straight, so I have never used any kind of extensions before. However, my latest hair adventure is trying tape in extensions! Erika put these in for me, finding the perfect silver extensions and then pre-coloring the ends to give me some fun color! I figured this way I can have a little fun, but not actually color my hair! Little did we know that my almost white hair would soak up the color of the extensions leaving me with a cool teal ombre after the first wash! All about rolling with the hair punches! Now Erika did not have this problem when she did her colored extensions, but her hair is more of a light brown color. Overall, they were really fun and I had a grand time trying to do different braids with them!

My Go-To Products

If you are looking to have some fun with your hair color, my advice would be to a) get a killer stylist, b) trust them, and c) be flexible. I can't tell you how many of those colors were probably considered "color corrections" from the bold choices I had made before, but I loved them! You never quite know how chemicals will react with your hair and what has been done to it before! Be open to adjusting your look and use your inspiration photos for just that. Inspiration! 

Thank you to our lovely friend Viktoria for taking these shots in the rain after Erika put the extensions in and made my hair all pretty!