Lynden Hairstylist | Basic Straightner Curls with Kyla

Lynden Hairstylist | Basic Straightner Curls with Kyla

When I am at the salon, styling my clients hair, one of the most asked question I get is ... 'how to do straightener curls?' Someone even asked me if I would ever do a class on it! (and if that's what you guys wanted, I could totally make it happen!) For now, I will try to break it down as simply as I can!

First I brush through the hair, getting rid of any tangles, then I take a small section from the bottom and clip the rest of the hair out of the way!

I take a small piece from that section, clamp my straightener on it (keeping a hold on the end of the hair) and twist it all the way around. Then just run the straightener down the length of the hair. ( Its a little confusing I know, but I hope the step by step pictures below help!)

After I release the curl from the straightener, I usually give it a little twist in the direction I curled it, to help achieve the full curl.

Continue doing this on the rest of the hair, section by section.

I hope that helps explain it! If you feel like you would want to see a video clip of this to help explain it further, let me know in the comments below and I can make that happen!

Also thanks to our beautiful model for this, Kyla! We have a couple more tutorial and features coming your way with both Kyla and her friend Natalie!