Lynden Hairstylist | Braided Top Knot

Lynden Hairstylist | Braided Top Knot

The Braided Top Knot (half up version) Our model Meagan had naturally curly hair, so that is what we are working with, but this kind of hairstyle looks great with straight, curly or just naturally messy ( which is what I tend to go with when I don't feel like brushing my hair! ) yes... hairdressers get lazy too!

Let's begin!

Pick a section and amount of hair you want to be in the top knot. You can put as much in or out as you would like!

Next you will braid that section. ( I just used a normal braid, but a fishtail also looks cute! Just a little bit more work!)

I like to pancake the braid a little bit, it will make it easier for you to pull on pieces and loosen it up a bit after you have pinned it up, creating that messy masterpiece!

Take the braid, wrap it around and pin! Also, feel free to pull on the loops of the braid to make it bigger and messier!

And that's all folks! Simple and easy to do (my favorite!!) So go on, try it and let me know how this style and steps work for you! :)