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Lynden Hairstylist | Holiday Undercut Braid

Erika AppelComment
Lynden Hairstylist | Holiday Undercut Braid

It's the Holidays everyone! And as we know, this season comes with many many many Christmas/New Year parties! So here today, is a hairstyle that is super easy to achieve ( my favorite!! ) that will get you lots of complements from your aunts, cousins, coworkers and even Grandma!

Our beautiful model Heidi, is one of the co-founders of the blog Coastal Muse. (Go check them out!) And Our lovely photographer Brianne Bell Photography provided us with amazing pictures!  We had so much fun collaborating with these talented ladies for over the holidays!

Let's begin!

I started by curling her hair, but this look can be done on natural, or straightened hair as well!

Grab the section of hair you will be braiding and make 3 parts for the beginning of your French braid.

Once you have those 3 sections ready, start by bring the left section over the middle and the right over the left (which now makes it the middle) Before you bring your left section over the middle again, take a little piece of hair from the left side and combine it with that section first. Then do the same with the right side, by adding a piece of hair from the right side before you bring it over the left. Continue the braid while adding hair till right behind the ear, then finish in basic braiding style without adding hair and tie off with elastic.

I of course pancaked the braid to make it appear thicker :)

To finish it off, I lifted the top layer of hair out of the way, so I wouldn't accidently pin any of it down with the bobby pins I used to secure the braid underneath. Then fluff and tease the top layer a bit and lay it over where you pinned the braid! Of course, to really finish it off I used hairspray to secure it!

Are here we have our finished product! Hope this hairstyle works well for you all! I would love to see your Holiday Party Hair, and answer any questions in the comments below!

Happy Holidays!