How to be a makeup artist!

I will be the first to say the more the merrier when it comes to more makeup artists! I firmly believe in #CommunityOverCompetition and know for a fact that every artist has their own specific market (whether they realize it or not). Here are a few things I wish someone had told me when I was a baby artist just starting out in bridal land! 

  • You can do dramatic instagram makeup till the cows come home, but what is going to actually make you money (this is a business after all) is your skin work. Know your prep, know your color theory and you will be just dandy. 


  • Pretty please with a cherry on top be clean. Don't double dip your mascara wands, work from a palette, and sanitize everything, ALL THE TIME. 


  • Find your people! We have been blessed in Whatcom County with absolutely amazing wedding vendors who love to share their wisdom. Try the local Rising Tide Society chapter, it's full of wonderful creatives who just spew inspiration. Go sit and listen! If that's intimidating, email Erika and I! Let's get coffee (Because when would we ever turn down coffee?!)! 


  • Know your licensing. This stuff is a bunch of mumbo jumbo for me, but here is what I have learned so far. It's true you do not need a license in the state of Washington to do makeup. You do however need a cosmetology license to use ANY type of tool (even a bobby pin) on someone's hair, and you need a salon shop license to rent a booth in a salon. I know from experience that people can report you for doing unlicensed services and that is not a call I would like to get! 


  • Insurance is a REALLY GOOD IDEA. 


  • Most importantly. Take care of your clients. Respond to those emails in a timely fashion, show up on time (when I say on time, I mean early) for your appointments, and listen to them! Communicate with them by asking lots of questions, get to know their overall style, and work together to create the perfect look for them. It matters less what you think would be stunning on them, and more what will make them feel their absolute best. 

I honestly believe this is the best job ever, it's so much fun! Join in, it's worth it!! 

Much love, 

Beautiful, stunning, amazing photography work by Kim Lincoln Photography! Big thanks to Sydney and Aspen for being game to play and for taking time outta your days to create with us!

If you made it this far down, you deserve a product list! 

SKIN PREP. Sonia Roselli SexApeel and Water Balm
SKIN. Temptu Airbrush, foundation and blush
GLOW. NARS Illuminator
SHADOW. Viseart Palettes  
BROWS. Shu Uemura Pencil  
LASHES. Ardell Individuals
LIPS. Burt's Bees Balm. Basic.