Erika Heystek

Lynden Hairstylist | Double Trouble

Erika Heystek
Lynden Hairstylist | Double Trouble

Valentine’s Day or shall we call it Galentines Day… is nearly upon us! Time to start thinking about your date night look. This hairstyle is simple enough to create and can be used with multiple types of braids (so no worries if you’re not a braid pro yet).


1.) Start with your hair styled to your preference. We started with a loose curl, but you could do this with straight hair as well.


2.) Create two sections on the dominant side of your part. I left part of her bangs out to frame her face and give more of a soft romantic look. (It is a Valentine’s Day look after all )


3.) Starting with the first section, begin your first braid. Now, it’s totally up to you what type of braid you choose to do. I chose a Dutch braid, but you could do a French braid, fishtail or twist. When you’re finished, tie it off with an elastic band or use a clip to hold the braid in place.


4.) Once again with the second section, it’s up to you what braid to do. I did a Dutch fishtail (also called an inverted fishtail).


5.) Go back though both braids and thicken them by gently pulling on the outside loops. This step is optional, but if you have thin hair it can really help make your braids look nice and thick!


6.) Bobby pin your braids into place.


7.) Hairspray and your done!


 Hoping this tutorial makes your date night look one step closer to being achieved!  I’d love any feedback ~ let me know what braids you choose and leave a picture of your finished product on my Facebook page. Happy Valentine’s Day!

 Photo Credit: Molly Joy Photography