I'm a fur mama. There I said it, I admit 100% to coddling my baby, I mean... my dog.

For those of you out there who are dog owners, you know what I mean. But for those of you who aren't, let me sum up my dog ownership experience in a few words!

Slobber; This means constantly wiping the drool marks off my car and her creating a puddle if we sit in one spot for to long.

Shedding ; Kona has a lot of fur and one shedding season, and that is all year long (hence the reason I currently don't own a lot of black and have a lint roller in my room, purse, car, etc.) 

 Obedience; What even is that? Kona is part Great Pyrenees, and one of her inherited traits is that fact that she is extremely independent. Which to sum up means, that she comes when I call, but its going to take her 10 minutes and a couple stops to get to me (unless of course I happen to be holding a tasty treat! )

Klutz ; I have lots of video proof of this one (check out the video below! ) No matter how hard she tries she can never catch that ball on the first try! She also constantly trips over her own feet and has a hard time jumping into the beds of pickup trucks. We are working on it though. 😋

Happy ; The thing I love about dogs is their abilitly to love. No matter what, this dog is so happy to see me. Even if she dug a hole in the yard and got in trouble, she comes slinking up, trying to get back in good graces. I can't stay mad at that cute face too long! 

BFF?! ; Can you call your dog your bff?! Is that a thing? It is for me and this goofball, if you ask my friends they will tell you I pretty much take her everywhere with me. And if she cant come, there is a good chance I might not either. (If Liz let me take her to photo shoots I probably would 😁 )

In conclusion, I do not yet regret owning a dog! Kona keeps me exercised by needing to be walked a lot / me chasing her chasing the mailman (true story, that actually did happen). No matter what, she is always happy to see me. She also takes up half my bed ( though don't tell my parents because technically she isn't allowed inside!! oops )

Thanks for letting me blabber on about my dog, I feel like a proud mama 😊 I would love to hear about your dog ownership experience and let me know if I missed any important dog describing words!