Original Creativity: The Pinterest Problem

Who here has fallen down the never ending rabbit hole of Pinterest? Heaven knows every time we're trying to come up with a concept it's the first place we go for inspiration. I have it up in my tabs right now! However, it can be easy to get sucked into another artist's beautiful work and go into "recreating" mode in lieu of creating your own unique work. 


The wonderful designing duo of Frankie & Maude (located in Fairhaven, Bellingham) do not seem to have this problem when it comes to creating their one-of-a-kind custom bridal gowns. I have yet to see someone with such a clear and complete concept of their vision, all the while communicating via photos and word pictures. These ladies are straight up brilliant and we consider ourselves privileged to have worked with them. Every detail of this shoot was put together with care, with a thoughtful reason for every style choice. 

These STUNNING photos are the product of Seattle's very own Kamrin's (KNDM Co.) skillz with her camera. I mean, common now. This lady is way to good to be fair.  


In working with these lovely ladies we learned a few things about being uniquely creative we thought we'd share with you. Hopefully these help you as much as they helped us!

1. Use photos to illustrate your vision, but be careful not to let your vision be defined by them. Instead of looking around for the next big trend to copy, give a classic look your own twist. This hairstyle is inspired by the Gibson Girls, but Erika kept the romantic feel and customized it to suit the modern bride. 

2. Create a mood board full of colors, styles, and textures. Here's a tip, don't search for exactly what you think you want. Especially in makeup, search for interior design or color palettes. Instead of looking for "gold smokey eye, try searching just "gold". Then look for the feel you want!


3. Let your creative brain wander! Intentionally take the time to experiment and play, let go of the thought that it has to be perfect the first time. This was a big deal for me. I had to actually make a point of getting out my kit when I had nothing else going on, and forcing myself to try something I would NEVER wear normally. It's not wasteful if you learn something!

Good grief Chloe. Would you pretty please stop being SO perfect in every. single. shot? Do you know how hard it is to pick? 

Good grief Chloe. Would you pretty please stop being SO perfect in every. single. shot? Do you know how hard it is to pick? 


    What are some tips you have learned for creating original work? We'd love to hear them!